Eva Scrivano-Conti

Hello, my name is Eva. You can read more about me on my About Me page. The focus of my site is not about me but to share my conversion, personal, spiritual growth and experiences in hopes that it will lead others into a closer relationship with God and to share what I have learned about the Blessed Mother of Jesus, her message to us and the power of prayer.

My journey to the heart of God began in 1990, I made a visit to a holy site called Medjugorje. This visit became a life altering experience for me. The Lord touched my heart in a powerful way with his love and grace. I had a conversion while there. I like to think of it as a new beginning. In my book, Medjugorje, A New Beginning, I tell of my spiritual journey, but the journey did not end there, because Medjugorje came home with me. My lifelong goal is to help others help themselves to grow spiritually by opening their hearts and minds to God as I did.

Now I am feeling lead to have a website blog and twitter account where I can share my additional insights, experiences, quotes from my book, great Christian resources and links. I am hoping that others will share their conversion stories and spiritual experiences with me and others on the comment section of my posts or on Twitter.

Oh, and if you read my book and it has blessed you in anyway…please encourage others to read it and visit this site to comment or direct tweet me.